Delices d'Annie

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Delices d’Annie : No reason to hesitate

Who isn’t doubtful when it comes to ordering food from a catalogue? Especially when it is more than just cookies or candy? I was just as hesitant as anyone, but when my daughter mentioned that she had ordered snacks for her son’s football match off of the Les Delices d’Annie catalogue and continued on and on about how happy she was with what she got, I was interested to see what all her fuss was about. Continue reading



Delices d’Annie : Convince the inconvincible


One of our favorite things about restaurants when we were younger was the atmosphere and the service.  Now, in our later years, Robert and I enjoy staying in the quiet and comfort of our little home.  So, when I heard of the chance to have a near-restaurant experience within the four walls of our house, I took the opportunity, ordered from Delices d’Annie, and subjected Robert to experimenting with something new, a sensation he has never particularly liked. Continue reading