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Delices d’Annie : Convince the inconvincible



One of our favorite things about restaurants when we were younger was the atmosphere and the service.  Now, in our later years, Robert and I enjoy staying in the quiet and comfort of our little home.  So, when I heard of the chance to have a near-restaurant experience within the four walls of our house, I took the opportunity, ordered from Delices d’Annie, and subjected Robert to experimenting with something new, a sensation he has never particularly liked.  When I served the ham knuckles at lunch, one of his favorite dishes, he didn’t realize that I hadn’t been to the butcher to pick some up.  And at dinner, when we tried the duck with the mushroom sauce and the rabbit with onions and prunes, he finally caught on.  The dinner was fabulous, the location even more so (if I might say so myself), and we enjoyed a wonderful evening of good food, good atmosphere, and good company. The best part? I didn’t have to scrub an oven afterwards.

Delices d’Annie items to satisfy even the most unadventurous of eaters

delices d'annieRobert and I have since tried (and re-tried) multiple items found in the Delices d’Annie catalogue and I have to say that we have never been disappointed with either the service or the products.  For our trips to the country we love to bring along the salami, cocktail olives, and goat cheese and rosemary biscuits.  Our favorite dish is still the duck with mushrooms but we have tried a variety of others, all with similar success. The variety of items and flavors are sure to satisfy even the most unadventurous of eaters.  Our daughter, who refuses to try most foods either due to appearance or smell, was even persuaded to try the duck on one occasion, and she also found it to be delicious.

For all types

Whether you are looking for a meal, a snack, or even a gift with the wine and pate basket or the delicious mustard with herbs, Delices d’Annie seems to have it all.  I would particularly suggest the goat cheese and rosemary biscuits! They are perfect for nearly any cold meat, cheese spread, or vegetable dip.  This is one catalog where you can’t go wrong.


8 thoughts on “Delices d’Annie : Convince the inconvincible

  1. For sure, there’s a big difference between having to eat in a restaurant and enjoying food at home, that’s why I’m proud of mail order company such as Delices d’Annie. Great services and quality products, thank you Delices d’Annie !

  2. I ordered Délices d’Annie Beef stew garnished with tender carrots and small macaroni last week, it was a success.. none of my children believed it was mail order until they saw the bill, Délices d’Annie platters are as tasty as mine, obviously that they are home-made but prepared by the best artisans ever 🙂

  3. Last week, I ordered Délices d’Annie Hedonistic Pâtés Trio, they were perfect as expected but what I appreciated the most is the one with raisin flavour, original and tasty 🙂

  4. My favorite remains Délices d’Annie pork with mustard sauce, tender and delicious !

  5. I’ve been ordering meals from Delices d’Annie for years and we can hardly spot the difference between a home-made dish and a course coming from this website.

  6. “The variety of items and flavors are sure to satisfy even the most unadventurous of eaters”
    I’m totally agree with you, Delices d’Annie products are very good and everyone likes to eat in 😉

  7. Without taking sides, Delice d’Annie is one of the best food services I’ve ever tried. They make amazing foods and sometimes I feel like I am eating mom’s food. Seriously ?! And the author of the text made a good point… as a lazy guy like me« I didn’t have to scrub an oven afterwards »lol

  8. Interesting opinions on here ! What do you guys think about the fact that foods you order from Delices d’Annie or any other company like that are not fresh though? I mean when you cook your own food you eat it most of the time as soon as it is done. It is fresh and warm. I do not believe that is quite possible with ordered food especially it takes a whole day for the food to come.

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