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Delices d’Annie : No reason to hesitate


Who isn’t doubtful when it comes to ordering food from a catalogue? Especially when it is more than just cookies or candy? I was just as hesitant as anyone, but when my daughter mentioned that she had ordered snacks for her son’s football match off of the Les Delices d’Annie catalogue and continued on and on about how happy she was with what she got, I was interested to see what all her fuss was about. I placed a meal order and had her bring the family over to try it out. This was definitely one of her better finds, and one of my best ideas. The food was not only great, but the portions were perfect and we were all able to try a variety of the dishes offered on the catalogue. Having the family together for an evening was a bonus!

Delices d’Annie meal for every palate and every plate

delices d'annie platWhether you are looking for lunch or dinner, appetizers, or something to bring to a gathering or for a hostess, Les Delices d’Annie has it all. For those who prefer to stick to the more common flavours there is mutton and beans, beef stew, rabbit, and even some gourmet sardines in different sauces, all available on the same catalogue. If you are, like my daughter, more adventurous with her palate, they also offer some authentic French flavours, like the quenelles (delicious meat dumplings in sauce) or the different options of duck mousse, terrines, and escargots. I have to admit, the duck mousse, urged to try by my daughter, was light and much better than I ever expected. It was a great first course for us adults, accompanied with a bottle of wine. The duck cassoulet and the beef stew were a hit with our family, and the children loved the little pastry baskets that we filled with our own recipe, although they do offer a filling in the catalogue.

Who needs a reason?

With our first try a success I am looking forward to our next order from Les Delices d’Annie. Whether it’s the stress of an event or just a need to relax and give up the cooking, there are as many dishes as there are reasons to try an order from this catalogue!


9 thoughts on “Delices d’Annie : No reason to hesitate

  1. The last time I ordered at Délices d’Annie was for my grandma’s birthday, she is over sixty but still knows everything about French gastronomy. She enjoys ordering gourmet products and food from the company so we gave her Délices d’Annie Giant Pack as a special gift. A wonderful assortment ! she was more than pleased , thank you 🙂

  2. From first view, Délices d’Annie food looks perfect. I am not Délices d’Annie customer but I’ve been hearing good remarks about it not long ago. I would be tempted to order your duck cassoulet one of these days but I’m still looking for the best item…

  3. Delices d’Annie duck cassoulet is absolutely amazing…flavorful and great texture, I like it !

  4. I’m just proud of Délices d’Annie services, normally foie gras doesn’t belong to British shelves but thanks to mail order , we can enjoy it wherever and whenever we want. Délices d’Annie dried pork fillet is also great, with an aperitif or as a starter with bread, delightful!

  5. I have never tried Délices d’Annie cassoulet but some friends said it was delicious 🙂 I would be ordering one soon but today I am much tempted by their Lamb moussaka, great !

    • Graciela, I concur with Sweetie ! I ordered cassoulet from Delices d’Annie as well some weeks ago and it is just amazing. I have learned how to prepare it now so I make mine on my own these days. I mainly try to vary the kind of meat I use. Anyway if you are interested do not hesitate. From my own experience I am satisfied.

  6. I heard a lot about Délices d’Annie but didn’t know much about it myself until my husband surprised me with that romantic dinner. I thought he cooked the meal himself as he works as a cook but then he admitted that he ordered some of the dishes from Délices d’Annie. Little did I know the difference 😮

  7. A real French meal 😉 But where are frog legs? I hope soon to order the catalog of Delices d’Annie. Thank you for your article

  8. Do they have smoked fish available at Delices d’Annie? My preference is swordfish. I am interested in smoked fish not yet processed as in raw. I plan to order about 25 kg . I am organizing a small event at home and I want to prepare appetizers around swordfish. If anyone has a great swordfish appetizer recipe please do let me know. I would greatly appreciate.

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