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Tartiflette - Les Délices d'Annie

Tartiflette – Delices d’Annie


Tartiflette is one of Les Délices d’Annie specialities and is a french comfort dish with lots of potatoes, onions, bacon, cream and white wine topped with an oozy reblochon cheese. This is a delicious french dish that can be easily done at home simply by following this easy recipe offered by Delices d’Annie.


Tartiflette Délices d'Annie• 2 kg Yukon potatoes; peeled
• 2 cups 15% cream
• 1 wheel Reblochon cheese
• 500 g slab of bacon; cut into thirds
• 2 onions; diced
• 1 cup white wine


-Preheat oven to 350°
-In a large pot, boil potatoes in a salted water about 20 mn. Drain and let it cool. Slice potatoes.
-Meanwhile, heat skillet over medium heat. Cook bacon until soft and slightly brown. Add in onions and cook until transparent.
-Turn heat up to high. Add in the white wine and let it all evaporated.
-Turn heat down to medium. Add in cream and stir until smoth.
-In a 13″*9″ baking pan, place a layer of potatoes at the bottom, pour half of the sauce on the potatoes. Repeat this process again.
-Cut the cheese in half lengthwise. Place the cheese skin-side out on top of the potato mix so that it covers most of the surface.
-Bake for 30mn , serve.


4 thoughts on “Tartiflette – Delices d’Annie

  1. This is just amazing 😀 Everyone at home kinda loved it and I’m really glad that you put the recipe online. Thanks a lot

  2. It was delicious !!! Thank you for this recipe. We could even eat breakfast 
    We had the good full stomach the last time we ate a tartiflette.

  3. I like cooking and I’m going to try this Tartiflette of Delices d’Annie! It looks so delicious and easy to prepare like all Delices d’Annie’s recipes!

  4. The first time I tried it, I failed. The problem was in the quantity of the cream. I put too much cream. I put 4 cups of 15% cream. Thanks to Delices and Annie, now I am better and with more practice it will be a piece of cake ;-).

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