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Rodolphe, filled par Delices Annie, his favorite online caterer

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Gastronome and bon vivant, I love nothing like big parties at home, but unfortunately, I can rarely afford this pleasure, because am lacking time to cook. Since I know Delices d’Annie’s website, I can gather my family and friends anytime, for the greatest pleasure of both young and old.

Delices d’Annie : varied menus for meals always succeed

Because of my job as real estate agent, which is very demanding, cooking is not always possible for me, and even less find all necessary ingredients on the fresh food markets. Yet it is one of my passions, because as a gourmet, nothing makes me happier than preparing tasty dishes and sharing them with my beloved ones.

The delicious cooked-ready-to-eat meals available on Delices d’Annie’s online shop are truly a magic solution to me. Foie grasWhenever I plan break between two trips for canvass and customer visits, I only have to submit my order. Whether we are two, three or twelve, with the preparations delivered by Delices Annie, I’m sure to delight my guests and have a good time.

How could I not know that it was also possible to take delivery of a feast from the Internet! It took an unexpected lunch with a client for me to discover how it can be delicious, healthy and above all, so easy and convenient! Since then, I swear by Délices d’Annie’s shop. Whether for daily meal or for special occasions, its catalog is rich enough to allow me to order a varied menu, without ever being disappointed!

Delices d’Annie rewareded me a great gift

Not only Delices d’Annie delights our taste buds every time, but it also gave me a wonderful gift. Since I wasn’t aware of that regular draw to reward its top customers, I could hardly believe it when was when I was noticed that I was the lucky winner! And guess what? I received a trendy smartphone; simply amazing! This deserves another big thanks to the entire team!

Although ordering food online may sound unusual, be confident and just try, I’m sure it will exceed all your expectations. And who knows, next Delices d’Annie website’s gift may be for you!


One thought on “Rodolphe, filled par Delices Annie, his favorite online caterer

  1. I’m addicted of Delices d’Annie meals since I tasted one of its dishes during my visit to a friend who is one of its regular clients! She then advises me to buy my meals at Delices d’Annie’ website when I lack of time to cook! It was a very good idea! Now, when I hold ceremonies at home i just order at Delices d’Annie and all is done! I can offer to my guest good meals!

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