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Duck mousse with Porto recipe by Delices d’Annie


Duck mousse with Porto is a classic French preparation. Tasty and creamy, this delicacy should appear on all family gatherings’ menus. Delices d’Annie presents here its recipe. It is super easy to make. You will just need 10 minutes for the preparation and 50 minutes for cooking.

Delices d’Annie : Ingredients for 6 medium jar of mousse

– 500 g duck livers
– 300 g duck fat
– 1 egg
– 1 glass of Porto
– ½ ts salt
– ½ ts ground pepper


In the bowl of a blender, mix the livers, fat, egg, Porto, salt and pepper until the combination gets the mousse’s texture.
Pour the mixture into sterilized jars. Do not overfill the jars, because that may adversely affect the sterilization.
Place the jars in a water bath then put in a sterilizer, cook for 50 minutes at 180°C.
Let cool at room temperature, then store in the fridge.
To maximize its flavor, it is best to wait one month before opening.
For those who are allergic to eggs, a traditional version of this recipe involves cooking the duck liver in a salty and spicy soup before adding the Porto. Corn flour is then added as a thickener.

Serving suggestions

You can enjoy this duck mousse with Porto as entree with pickles or as an appetizer spread on canapés and gingerbread toasts. It is served chilled and traditionally paired with red wines such as Beaujolais, Médoc, Cabernet Sauvignon, or sweet wines like Montbazillac and Bonnezeaux…

If you’re not keen on cooking, you can order this duck mousse with Porto on Delices d’Annie’s website. We recommend you to purchase at the same time the wines you would like to enjoy with this mousse. We will be happy to ensure home delivery service for free.


4 thoughts on “Duck mousse with Porto recipe by Delices d’Annie

  1. I enjoy Delices d’Annie’s dishes very much and all my family too! They offer such a good quality. And that Delices d’Annie recipe is very easy to make but I’d prefer to order directly on their website. It is easy too and they ensure home delivery services which I think are ok. Next time may be I will order this Duck mousse with Porto recipe by Delices d’Annie! It looks very tasty!

  2. My mother is an exceptional cook! For sure she already tried this recipe from Delices d’Annie! I really missed her good meals that she serves during dinner time! When we visited her she sometimes orders dishes at Delices d’Annie, and sometimes she prepares homemade dishes as traditional as those from Delices d’Annie! And I enjoyed them all!

  3. I was tempted by this Duck mousse with Porto recipe by Delices d’Annie and I tried to prepare it but I totally messed it up! Fortunately, Delices d’Annie offers the website’s services where we can order every dishes we want.

  4. Well well well, I messed it up. I find it quite difficult to prepare. I am not a great cook so that could be the reason too. I wanted to try it though so ended up ordering at Delices d’Annie and it was a delight to eat it. Anyway, I will try to prepare it one more time next weekend. Hopefully, it will be done properly this time. It is indeed a great appetizer and it is even better if one tries it with some fine wine.

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