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Delices d’Annie’s country sausage


Prepared following the traditional recipe, this Delices d’Annie’s country sausage is a pure delight for meat jellies lovers. It conjures up pictures of rustic farm dishes.This black sausage can be eaten as a main course, grilled in a pan and accompanied by fried potatoes. It can also be served as an entrée with pickles.

country sausage1 DA

The taste of traditional recipe by Delices d’Annie

This sausage comprises head, hose and pig blood, as well as vegetables, spices and condiments. The pig’s head is cooked in broth with vegetables (pre-fried onions, leeks, carrots, celery) for several hours over low heat. Then, it is of boned, cut into cubes and mixed with the blood of the pig, garlic, salt, pepper and spices. After that, the mixture is incorporated into guts and the sausage is brought to boil and simmered in a broth or in water for one hour at 95°C. When it is cooked, it is cooled at room temperature and stored in the fridge.

Serving suggestions

country sausage DAThis country sausage is better fresh. It can be eaten as an appetizer as well as a main course. You may enjoy its taste grilled, and accompanied by a sauce of onions or mashed potatoes. You may also savor this meat jelly as a terrine. At Easter, it is used to be incorporated in an omelet.

This country sausage can be paired with red wines such as Beaujolais, Bordeaux, Pomerol. It is also delicious accompanied with white and rosé wines (Chablis, Côtes du Rhône…).

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4 thoughts on “Delices d’Annie’s country sausage

  1. I like sausage, especially grilled and I really want to order this sausage from Delices d’Annie, looks so yummy!!!My parents have already ordered dishes at Delices d’Annie and they were very satisfied I think. I’d like to try this country sausage to see!

  2. Delices d’Annie offers large choice of dishes! I only tasted this country sausage and the famous Beef Bourguignon! Tasty! But for this sausage it is better with wine I agree! I will keep ordering at Delices d’Annie because I am satisfied of their services! I’ve heard too that if we are one of Delices d’Annie’s loyal clients we can win gifts!

  3. This Delices d’Annie’s country sausage is very yummy! The taste is very special but I’m not surprised as I know that Delices d’Annie always offers the best in term of food quality! As far as I’m concerned I’m satisfied about what Delices d’Annie has to offer to its clients!

  4. I was kind of reluctant at first about trying this sausage from Delices D’Annie when I saw the ingredients. Head and pig blood did not sound really appealing to me. However I changed my mind when I tried it. It is just great. Chicken and beef meat would be a nice alternative also to pig in this situation. I still have to try it though.

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