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Coarse pork sausage with cabbage from Délices d’Annie

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Coarse pork sausageThis dish is a high-quality product you can serve to your guests after you rapidly warmed it. You can buy on our on line boutique Délices d’Annie. It is made according to a traditional recipe of country cooking inherited from our grandmas, with ingredients that were carefully selected. The coarse pork sausage, well known French delicatessen, are accompanied by green cabbage are flavored with thyme and juniper. This contributes to enhance the taste and the flavor of the dish.

All our dishes are prepared by well-known, professional and experimented cooks. That helps us to offer refined recipes and culinary specialties and country cooking from many regions of France. The consumer can thus discover, or rediscover the authentic taste of their moms or grandmas cooking. They can also present to their foreign friends who come to visit them the treasures of the French food. Moreover, we committed to preparing and deliver your order within 48 working hours

Advices for tasting by Délices d’Annie

This dish of coarse pork sausage with cabbage can be accompanied by fried or steamed potatoes. It is also delicious with Basmati or complete rice. For an original and exotic flavor, you can add some pieces of sweet potato in the rice.

sausage with cabbage

Those who have time to cook and want to make their own dish; they can opt for the gratin which is a delightful version of it. Juts follow the recipe and when all ingredients are cooked, slice the sausages and butter a baking dish. Fill it by alternating layers of cabbage, sausages slices and cheese (Emmental, Gruyère and Reblochon are best). You can make it twice but make sure that the last layer is cheese. Let it cook in the oven for about 30 minutes at 180°.

Délices d’Annie :  Which wine to accompany the coarse pork sausage with cabbage?

You can use several type of wine with the coarse pork sausage with cabbage of Délices d’Annie. Those who like red wines can opt for a coarsed one with a soft woodiness flavor: a Saint Joseph, a Côte de Ventoux or a Côtes de Bergerac would be perfect. Pink and white wines are also recommended for those who prefer softer beverages.


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