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Ernest-Pierre could renovate his house, thanks to a € 9,500 check from Delices d’Annie. Here’s his story.

I am a true gourmet and gourmand, and nothing pleases me like gathering some friends and having lunch together. Thanks to Delices d’Annie, I no more have to spend hours in my kitchen cooking. All I have to do is choose the menu on the site’s catalog, submit my order and wait for the parcel to be delivered.

Prepared with fresh and quality ingredients, the dishes arrive safe and sound, with their aspect and flavor 100% preserved. On the D day, I set a beautiful table, chill the wine and once the guests are here, re-heating the meals and serve!

Delices d’Annie : A great diversity to satisfy all tastes

Delices d’Annie store offers a large assortment of dishes, especially French regional specialties, but my favorite will always be foie gras. Being from the south west of France, home of foie gras goose and duck, when I miss my hometown, I like sharing one of its most famous and finest specialties.

The site prepares it in many different delicious recipes, but I prefer it plain, so most of the time, my order includes the “Bloc de Foie Gras de Canard”. Eaten with lightly toasted country bread, brioche or gingerbread, it has a taste of heaven. The first time I confessed where the meals actually came from, nobody believed me!

Now some of them have also become regular customers, so when we met, we have fun sharing our experiences.

A dream come true: I managed to renovate my house

I like to participate in games and quizzes, so when Delices d’Annie nominated me to take part in their annual prize-draw, I did not hesitate a second… then forgot about it, until I received a letter informing me that I was the lucky winner of a check for € 9,500. Something quite unbelievable!
I immediately knew what I was going to do with this amount. Do some work in my house, which I have been planning for years now, but could not afford. Now the work is almost done. A big thanks to the site for this great gift!


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The sauerkraut accompanied with Domaine du Moulin de Dusenbach’ Riesling: a perfect pairing suggested by Delices d’Annie for a culinary journey in Alsace earth

For your festive or Sunday’s meals, get inspired by the culinary art of Alsace. Treat your family and your guests with an unforgettable experience by serving them the Delices d’Annie’s sauerkraut accompanied with Domaine du Moulin de Dusenbach’s Riesling.

About the Domaine du Moulin de Dusenbach’s Riesling

The Riesling is a prestigious white grape. Connoisseurs even designate it as the king of Alsace’s wines.

The Domaine du Moulin de Dusenbach’s Riesling is a wine AOC. It is notorious for its taste. It has a rustic character and a stronger taste. Dry and distinctive, this wine reveals delicate fruity scents, with notes of white flowers. On mouth, it has a lively and fresh attack. The balance is perfect.
This wine is available on Delices and Gourmandises’ website. Feel free to order it now in prevision of your next family meal.

Delices d’Annie’s sauerkraut

Delices d’Annie’s sauerkraut is prepared according traditional recipe. It can be consumed without moderation. Unlike nature sauerkraut, this dish is enhanced with duck confit, Toulouse sausage and vegetables, hence its authentic flavor. It is also easy to make and the ingredients are easy to find and available all year. To prepare four servings of sauerkraut, all you need are:

– 1 kg sauerkraut,
– 300g Toulouse sausages,
– 4 confit duck legs, 8 potatoes,
– 50g butter,
– 1 onion,
– 2 cloves,
– 2 carrots,
– 1 bouquet garni,
– 2 cloves garlic,
– Salt and pepper.
To discover the recipe, please visit Delices d’Annie’s website.

Why these two are going well together?

Both are coming from Alsace that is why this Domaine du Moulin de Dusenbach’s Riesling and Delices d’Annie’s sauerkraut blends to perfection. The strong character of the wine goes perfectly with the dish, the two enhance each other. To fully enjoy the whole, it is recommended to serve the wine at a temperature between 8°C to 10°C.