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The soft knuckle of ham of Delices d’Annie


A tender and soft knuckle of ham accompanied by a dish of lentils or a green salad would be a good idea for a family dinner or a dinner with friends. You can order the knuckle of ham on Delices d’Annie website, but you can also cook your own. We give you the recipe below.

What you need are:

  • 4 slightly salted knuckle of ham
  • 4 carrots
  • 1 bouquet garni or 2 stock cubes
  • 1 onion
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 2 cloves
  • 30cl of dry white wine
  • Whole pepper
  • Dried bread crumb (facultative)

How to cook the soft knuckle of ham of Delices d’Annie?

Soak your knuckles all night. The next day, put them in a big stewpot; add the wine and water until you just cover the knuckles. Let them cook for about 45 minutes and skim regularly the foam.

Meanwhile, wash and slice the carrots and crush the garlic. Put them into the stewpot with the onion in which you inserted the clove, the bouquet garni or the stock and the pepper. Let the whole cook for about one hour; the meat for the meal to be well tendered. Once they are cooked, let them chill and drain them. You can then roll them into the dried bread crumb and fry them in hot oil to have delicious crispy snacks.

Delices d’Annie: How to taste your knuckles?

salade jambonneau

The Delices d’Annie’ s knuckles of ham can be eaten hot of chilled at the aperitif, for starter or as a main course. For aperitif, slice the knuckles and serve them with country bread, gherkins and grainy mustard. For starter, you can serve it with green salad and tomatoes highly seasoned with vinaigrette and tarragon. Mixed vegetables and mayonnaise will also be perfectly with this dish. If you want to serve the knuckles as a main course, lentils, boiled or cooked cabbage, or also baked vegetables will perfectly accompany them.

For a good French meal, you can choose a good wine to best benefit from the taste of the knuckles. Red or white wine is recommended: white or red Bergerac, white Apremont, white Beaujolais or a red Bourgogne.


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Henriette is a fan of Delices d’Annie website

charcuterie DA

For many years, I regularly order on Delices d’Annie website because I like good food, but am not very good at cooking. This allows me to enjoy many recipes from diverse terroirs, without having to over-complicate my life. I just fill in an order form and I pay by credit card, so that I can quickly receive the delivery. My husband also likes these dishes and sometimes orders some.

My favorite dish at Delices d’Annie

With Delices d’Annie website, I have never been disappointed by what I had ordered, and everything comes fresh in compliance with health and safety conditions. I’ve tasted most dishes, but I largely prefer its cassoulet with duck breast. This typical recipe from southwest remains me my childhood, when my brothers and I used to visit our grandparents on Sundays. Indeed, it was the dish that my grandmother cooked the most.

The first time I ordered on Delices d’Annie, I was a bit skeptical, but when I ate the first bite of the dish, I immediately recalled the flavors of my childhood. With my husband, we usually enjoy this dish with a Medoc’s red wine, a Fronton or a Bergerac. Their taste goes subtly well with the flavors of the duck.

Delices d’Annie rewarded me for my loyalty

cadeau DGSome years ago, when we were back from holiday, we received a mail from Delices d’Annie announcing that I had been selected to participate in the largest annual lottery. We were pleasantly surprised and excited with the result. Two weeks later, a phone call warned us that we had won a LCD TV. Our joy was intense. It was in perfect timing with our wish to change our old TV. Now, we enjoy the exceptional picture quality while watching our favorite movies. We thank Delices d’Annie for this gift and all the delicious meals that it proposes.