Delices d'Annie

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The gift basket of Delices D’Annie

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This basket is filled of some best traditional and local products of France. You can order it on the online boutique of Delices D’Annie.

panier garni Delices d'Annie

What does contains this gift basket of Delices D’Annie?

This greedy gift of Delices D’Annie is composed of a beautiful basket made of bamboo fibers which contains two jars of terrines which each weighs 180g, one terrine of cep and one terrine of chestnut. The pack also includes a bottle of red wine Bergerac (Protected Designation of Origin) and 60g of fruit jellies. It could make a beautiful gift for a friend or a member of your family, but that you could also buy for you.

The terrines are made of fresh and high quality ingredients, from the country that have been carefully selected among producers. All our dishes are prepared by the best French cooking craftsmen for insuring that all the tastes and the aromas of the food are kept. This allows us to offer most of the refined and well-known specialty-foods from our countries. The customers can discover their grandfathers’ recipes or try the food of another part of the Hexagon they always wanted to taste.

Delices D’Annie: How to enjoy the products offered in this basket?


All the food included in this gift basket of Delices d’Annie can be served at the aperitif or for the starter. The terrines would be best spread on fresh or toasted country or whole bread slices.

The terrine of cep, which softly melts in the mouth exhale a delicate woody perfume, will perfectly accompany a green salad in which you can put some grinded nuts for a crispy touch. The terrine of chestnut and its refined aroma of nuts would be best served with an Arugula Salad or a lamb’s lettuce salad with vinaigrette flavored with nut oil.

As beverage, the Protected Designation of Origin Bergerac wine provided in the basket has been specially chosen for its perfect adequacy with the terrines. This supple wine with fruity aromas would be best served chilled and help you benefit from the delicate taste of the terrines.

You can end your tasting with the sweet note of the fruit jellies. These candies have all kept the natural taste and aromas of the fruits they have been made with.


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