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Try and enjoy this new dish/wine pairing of Délices d’Annie

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les estampiles

Les Delices d’Annie offers you a good moment with your friends or family with a dinner composed by a braised tender hand of pork with lentils, a dish that is accompanied with a Cabernet Sauvignon Les Estampilles, a delicious wine chosen by the wine specialists of Delices and Gourmandises.

The braised tender hand of pork with lentils of Delices d’Annie

A hand of pork is not just a piece of meat. It is a perfect choice for a family dinner on Sundays or for a special occasion. Well-cooked and well-accompanied, this traditionally made dish can make a simple dinner a great moment with your beloved ones.

This dish proposed by Delices d’Annie may remind you some childhood memories if you had the chance to try you grandma’s cooking, especially if you lived in the countryside. You will find in it the delicate taste of the slightly salted ham and the inevitable green lentils from the Puy. The dish also contains delicious smoked lardoons that give it a delicate scent of earthly flavor.

Les Estampilles, a Cabernet Sauvignon suggested by Delices et Gourmandises

Les Estampilles is a strong red wine with fruits scents made from grape varieties growed in the Bordeaux wineyards, more precisely in the area called « Entre-Deux-Mers ». It has a deep dark red color with some brown or purple reflects. At nose, it has a smooth blackcurrant aroma, a spicy scent that reminds the pepper and some red berries and flower fragrance. At taste, it is supple and round. You can easily keep it for 3 or 5 years in the right conditions.

Why choose this dish/meat pairing?


The strong but really supple tannins of this wine offer it a great roundness and a lightness that would perfectly marry with the braised tender hand of pork with lentils that can be considered as a little bit heavy dish. The fruity fragrance of the wine makes the strong taste of the braised meat a good counterweight. The harmony and the accuracy if this dish/wine marriage proposed by Delices d’Annie and Delices and Gourmandises would certainly surprise your guests.


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