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Royal Paella and Fleurs de Guarrigue wine, a suggestion from Délices d’Annie

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This is a new suggestion of dish/wine marriage proposed by Delices d’Annie. This pairing would certainly easily convince the gourmet within you and gain the approval of your friends and family. This delicious royal paella is accompanied by a Côtes du Rhone white wine.

paella royal

The royal paella of Delices d’Annie

The royal paella of Delices d’Annie is both a friendly and a nourishing dish. Chicken, mussels, seafood and spices give this paella a perfect mix of land and sea products and scents. It’s a real delight for the senses of the greedy and the gourmets.

If you can afford it, serve the paella well warmed in a big pan or one of those frying pans with two stoves especially made for serving paella. This will allow everybody to serve themselves directly in the dish for a better friendly atmosphere.

Fleurs de Garrigue wine, a Côtes du Rhône from Delices and Gourmandises’ cellar

Fleurs de Garrigue is a white wine of exception that has been chosen by the wine stewards of Delices and Gourmandises. Its smoothness and lightness are unique. For this subtle mix, the grapes are collected only when they are perfectly mature and botrytised grapes are kept to make the wine. The wine fermenting process is particularly long as it lasts almost 4 weeks. The fermentation is made at cold; the temperature must not exceed 15°C.

The color is typical of the young white wines, pale yellow with some green reflects. At nose, it exhales delicious scents of red berries, peach and apricots and flowers. At taste, it is perfectly round and smooth. This white wine must be served fresh and can be kept for at least 5 years with good conditions.

A harmonious dish/wine marriage

paellaA white wine is just the perfect beverage to accompany this dish of chicken, spices and seafood. The royal paella of Delices d’Annie just deserves the best: the Fleurs de Garrigue is not too dry nor to soft; the one as the other would have wasted the taste of the dish. This Delices and Gourmandises Côtes du Rhône is the best wine for this tasteful, spicy and sunny family dish.


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