Delices d'Annie

a great place to buy French gourmet products

Aurélie: “Delices d’Annie overjoyed me by offering me a LCD TV”

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Delices d’Annie: Aurélie, can you give us your opinion on Delices d’Annie?

Aurélie: Delices d’Annie is my exclusive local products and ready-made dishes supplier. Since I discovered this store some years ago, I no longer have to go far to eat delicacies: tasty foie gras, gourmet quail, pork confit, etc., the choice is wide. On top of it, these are really affordable. I also appreciate the quick delivery at my door.

Delices d’Annie: What is your favorite gourmet product?

tripes-a-la-mode-de-caen DA

Aurélie: To be honest, I have a weakness for several meals listed in Delices d’Annie ‘s catalog, but the tripe à la mode de Caen remain my favorite. Prepared following the traditional recipe, this dish using the best pieces of beef and vegetables is a real treat. Sometimes I serve with boiled potatoes, but I also like it with saffron rice.

Authentic ham whole-grain mustard is also a treat. Served as an appetizer with green salad (and followed by tripe), this succulent sausage is really one of my favorites.

Delices d’Annie: And what about the gift, dit it please you?

Aurélie: Of course it did! Actually, I could not realize that I won a LCD TV. I wasn’t at home when the team from Delices cadeau DGd’Annie announced this wonderful news. So when my husband told me about it, I thought he was joking. I had to see it with my own eyes delivered at my door a few days later to actually believe it. Full of joy, I could not say a single word!

It’s now time for me to express my gratitude to this wonderful team. I am already highly satisfied with the quality of the products and services, but this gift was really for me the icing on the cake.


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