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Bernadette won a LCD TV screen offered by Delices d’Annie, she tells us her story

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Delices d’Annie: Bcassolette escargoternadette, how did you discover our site?

Bernadette: I like taking time on the Internet to find new recipes to try for the weekly visits of our children and grandchildren. It was really by chance that I found the Delices d’Annie but what was proposed immediately draw my attention: many dishes that made me thought about what my own grandma cooked for us a long time ago. I decided to make my family discover them.

Delices d’Annie: So, what is your favorite product from Delices d’Annie?

Bernadette: I always love the way my grandmother cooked the snails, and these little beasts remained my best dish, whatever what they are served with. The “cassolette d’escargot” was my first order on Delices d’Annie and its frequently come back in the menu because my grandchildren always ask for this dish.

In fact, the first time I served the cassolette, they asked what it was. As I told them it was snails, there was quite a funny strange look in their eye, then, they told me it was absolutely impossible for them to eat that. As I might have looked so sad, they each put one in their mouth for granma; and they were so surprised by its taste. The snails are well cooked and covered with single cream and garlic and parsley purée. I generally accompany it with hot potatoes or country bread.

Delices d’Annie: How have you been told you won at the sweepstake?

Bernadette: Oh! That was one of the best surprise I’ve ever had. I just participate in the quizzes of Delices d’Annie for fun cadeau DGand did not really expect to win something. I was both happy and astonished. I could not really believe it until I saw the TV in my living room. This TV screen helps us to share more family moments on week-ends.

Delices d’Annie: some last words for the readers?

Bernadette: Mu final words will be for the site’s team who has been really nice when I came with my son to pick up my prize. Thank you!


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