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Three regular customers of the shop Les Delices d’Annie got a laptop

The store Les Delices d’Annie offers local products and prepared cooked dish using traditional and innovative recipes. Regularly organizing prize draws to retain and reward customers, this website gave a smile to 3 of its fans.

Luc: “Les Delices d’Annie gave me a laptop”

I enjoy good cheer, but unfortunately I am not enough good cook, so I am always looking for great places offering local products. A friend of mine once advised me to visit Les Delices d’Annie ‘s online store and consult its catalog. This is where I found all my favorite food: cassoulet with duck confit and mussels with garlic.

Turning to a loyal customer of this store, I was invited to participate in the 2012 draw. I got lucky and I won a laptop. Since then I could familiarize with new technologies and communicate more often with my family and friends.

Robert: “I thank Les Delices d’Annie for this wonderful gift”

Winning a laptop was one of the nicest surprises of the past 10 years. As I regularly order meals from Les Delices d’Annie, I had the privilege to participate to its draw. To be honest, I wished I won the grand prize, but luck decided otherwise, and I am happy anyway.

I want to thank Les Delices d’Annie for this award, but also for the quality of its products, especially the pure pork dry sausage, the traditions rillettes, and the royal paella with chicken and seafood.

Catherine: “A big thank you to Les Delices d’Annie store for this laptop”

For me, good food is always linked to local products. That’s why I became one of Les Delices d’Annie’s top customers. This store made me taste again the authentic flavors of traditional cuisine, and in addition to that, it allowed me to win me a wonderful gift: a laptop. Again, thank you to Les Delices d’Annie’s entire team.


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Franck expressed his joy for having received a check for € 2000 from Les Délices d’Annie

Les Delices d’Annie: Franck, what do you think about the shop Les Delices d’Annie?

Franck: Hearing the name Les Delices d’Annie makes me immediately think of the delicacies cooked according to original local recipes displayed in its catalog. That was the first time ever that I could find all the good things I love to fill my greedy desires, to name a delicacy duck foie gras with morel mushrooms, tripe Caen style and braised ham with lentils. But what really makes me happy is being able to quietly taste all these dishes without having to leave my home.

DDA: Is there any product you particularly like?

BaeckeoffeFranck: Being from Strasbourg, I do appreciate the Alsatian specialties offered by Les Delices d’Annie, but I have to say that I have a weakness for Baeckeoffe. Made following the traditional recipe, this long-simmered dish in Riesling brings back good memories of my childhood. Indeed, its authentic flavor subtly combines the tastes of duck, pork and pickled vegetables, quite the same as the Baeckeoffe my mother used to lovingly prepare. Served with a fruity red wine, this cooked dish of Les Delices d’Annie is a pure delight.

DDA: Can you talk now about your win?

Franck: This gift really made me a happy man… When I got the phone call telling me that I won a check worth € 2,000 at the last contest organized by Les Delices d’Annie, I was so touched that I had tears in my eyes. And when I had it in my hands, I remained speechless for a while.
With this money, I could afford an unforgettable Caribbean holiday. I dreamed of this trip for years, but I could never go, for lack of means.
So, I warmly thank Les Delices d’Annie for allowing me to fulfill my lifelong dream. Thank to this store, I could also enjoy fine food without emptying my wallet.

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Interview with Luke, one of the many winners of Delices d’Annie’s contests

Delices d’Annie: Congratulations! Can you give us your impressions on hearing that you won?

Luke: You know, I mindlessly participated in this competition without waiting for anything. When receiving a letter I learned that I got a laptop, I was pleasantly surprised, especially since I was planning precisely to the time to buy one! Like it is often said chance would have it, and Delices d’Annie also (smile). I am a loyal customer of this shop since I discovered it, but I never have thought that I could receive a gift for enjoying its good food!

Delices d’Annie: Tell us why Delices d’Annie?

foie grasLuke: I confess that I came across your shop by chance. One day I invited to dinner a few friends who were returning home after some years abroad. I wanted to serve them local dishes. I was looking for foie gras on the Internet and I came across Delices d’Annie. I had gone to buy foie gras, but finally I found in your catalog all what I needed for the meal.

So I ordered the Gourmet Quail and deli selections that Delices d’Annie suggests as an aperitif. For the toast, I opted for your onions cheddar wafers to change the classic bread. It was the touch of originality to the meal. For the main course, I took your duck liver block to concoct my foie gras mille-feuille which was a great success.

I can say that this dinner was a success. Thanks to you, I could impress my friends; they had a great time, and however I also discovered a new culinary ally. Dishes to soups through small appetizers, I became a huge fan tartifletteof your products.

Delices d’Annie: So what is your heart stroke?

Luke: Without hesitation tartiflette which not only reminds me of the wonderful holiday of my youth but also transports me every time in the mountains of Savoy, like magic. It is a real delight.

Delices d’Annie: The word of the end?

I want to thank Delices d’Annie for the computer, but also and especially to allow us to discover and rediscover authentic flavors

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Henriette, Paul and Serge thank Delices d’Annie for they have each won a LDC TV post from the site

Delices d’Annie: Hi Henriette! Can you tell us about your experience with Delices d’Annie?

Henriette: Hi! For many years now, I used to order some dishes from Delices d’Annie website. In fact, it is because i am not a very good cooker but I like good food especially those from the countryside and made with the traditional recipes of deep France. The duck with chanterelles and the foie gras are my favorite dishes from the site. One day, I was selected to take part at the sweepstake that the site regularly organizes for its best customers and I was really astonished, but happy, to win a LCD TV post. I can now watch my favorite programs with best image quality.

Delices d’Annie: Paul, can you tell us the reason of this big smile on your face?

baeckeoffePaul: Yes, I’m smiling because I remember the day when I was called by phone to learn that I won a LCD TV post from Delices d’Annie. I was really enchanted because I would at least be able to watch the championship matches with HD quality pictures. The discovery of the site was a revelation for me. I rediscover the taste of the dishes that my grandmother used to cook when I was a child; I found all the authenticity of the taste. I particularly appreciate the tender knuckle of ham and the baeckeofe. And as I am quite bad at cooking, ordering on the site helps me to please myself at small price.

Delices d’Annie: Good morning Serge, tell us about your story with Delices d’Annie

Serge: Good morning! I became a regular customer of Delices d’Annie 4 years ago. In fact, I always loved good food but to my regret and as far as it is not very current, my wife is not very keen on cooking and doesn’t really like cooking. When, totally by chance, I discovered this online boutique and what it proposes, I immediately decide to try. Seduced by what have been delivered to me, I went on ordering regularly. About three month ago, I received a phone call that informed me I will participate in a sweepstake organized by the site. One week after, I was told I won a LCD TV post. I was really happy as I wanted to replace my old TV but could not afford it.

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A great mariage of taste: the cassoulet of Les Delices d’Annie and the Minervois of Délices et Gourmandises

Our today suggest: the cassoulet made by Delices d’Annie and a Minervois, a red wine from Delices and Gourmandises. These two products will help you to find the taste of the south of France.

The cassoulet needs a meaty wine, with round tanins and which is as soft as the melty beans. The red Minervois of Domaine du Bosc Rochet will be a great accompaniment for the cassoulet thanks to its strong southern character and its supple and generous tanins.


The cassoulet with duck confit by Delices d’Annie

Delices d’Annie presents you this culinary specialty from the south-west of France. This dish is a stew cooked for quite long time made of white beans accompanies by duck confit and coarse pork sausages. In the past, the recipe was a subject about what Castelnaudary, Carcassone and Toulouse had argued, each of those cities claimed to be the legal owner of it. They also argue about the choice of the ingredients, the quantity needed and the well-kept secret of the cooking method. The only thing in which they agreed was the choice of the beans that replaced the charms since they arrived in France 16th century.

This perfect mix of tender beans and soft meat made this cassoulet de delicious traditional dish that you would certainly appreciate. Serve it really hot in the pot.

The Domaine du Bosc Rochet, selected by Delices and Gourmandises

Delices and Gourmavinrouge (2)ndises selected this red Minervois for its southern personality which is really strong. Its deep garnet colour has purple reflects. At nose, it reveals a mix of red berries aromas that is slightly spicy. At taste, the aromas harmony is perfect and the supple and generous tanins give this wine a really strong character. Serve it fresh for better taking advantage of its taste and aromas.

This wine is AOC, a certification that is a guarantee of its quality and of the respect of its particularities during the manufacturing. It is made and packed in the vineyard. You can keep your unopened bottles for 1 to 3 years providing them the best conditions.

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Anne, TV LCD winner of Delices d’Annie, granted us an interview

Delices d’Annie: Anne, your impressions on Delices d’Annie

porc-caramelAnne: Delices d’Annie, this is a paradise for fans of savory. Personally, I find all – almost – dishes that fulfil my everyday life at Delices d’Annie. Between caramelized pork, Toulouse sausage with cabbage, royal paella, tripe as Caen way, and so on, fresh and soft as I love, we are spoiled for choice.

Delices d’Annie: Anne, what dish did you enjoyed the most?

Anne: Undoubtedly, the calf’s head with vinaigrette! It is perfect for a family excursion or a festive meal at home, this dish can be enjoyed at any occasion. Prepared following the traditional way, this delicacy proposed by Delices d’Annie is an exceptional product. Its vinaigrette sauce is prepared with talent, and gives a gently tart taste to the meat. Moreover, calf’s head remains a piece of choice, perfect for a fan of good food like me. Accompanied by a bottle of red wine, believe me, this calf’s head with vinaigrette is bliss!

Delices d’Annie: Your feelings at the announcement of the reward

Anne: I must admit that as a surprise, it was a great one! Who would have thought that a person who does not believe in luck will receive a fabulous LCD TV! Indeed, I am not keen on sweepstakes and lottery. However, this was the first time I participated in games like this, and this was simply because I like buying dishes that promise flavors and authenticity at Delices d’Annie. Beginner’s luck or not, I won and I do not put myself again! Furthermore, I really appreciate this LCD TV that allows me to see my favorite shows and to please my grandchildren, who are video game fans. Many thanks to Delices d’Annie for this gift.

Delices d’Annie: A few words to the end, Anne?

Anne: Another thank you to Delices d’Annie our dear shop! For its staff, stay zen as you are! Customers will be even more satisfied. For those who do not know this store, discover the products online and order the dishes that will delight you. You will see, these are real delight for the taste buds.