Delices d'Annie

a great place to buy French gourmet products

Henriette, Paul and Serge thank Delices d’Annie for they have each won a LDC TV post from the site

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Delices d’Annie: Hi Henriette! Can you tell us about your experience with Delices d’Annie?

Henriette: Hi! For many years now, I used to order some dishes from Delices d’Annie website. In fact, it is because i am not a very good cooker but I like good food especially those from the countryside and made with the traditional recipes of deep France. The duck with chanterelles and the foie gras are my favorite dishes from the site. One day, I was selected to take part at the sweepstake that the site regularly organizes for its best customers and I was really astonished, but happy, to win a LCD TV post. I can now watch my favorite programs with best image quality.

Delices d’Annie: Paul, can you tell us the reason of this big smile on your face?

baeckeoffePaul: Yes, I’m smiling because I remember the day when I was called by phone to learn that I won a LCD TV post from Delices d’Annie. I was really enchanted because I would at least be able to watch the championship matches with HD quality pictures. The discovery of the site was a revelation for me. I rediscover the taste of the dishes that my grandmother used to cook when I was a child; I found all the authenticity of the taste. I particularly appreciate the tender knuckle of ham and the baeckeofe. And as I am quite bad at cooking, ordering on the site helps me to please myself at small price.

Delices d’Annie: Good morning Serge, tell us about your story with Delices d’Annie

Serge: Good morning! I became a regular customer of Delices d’Annie 4 years ago. In fact, I always loved good food but to my regret and as far as it is not very current, my wife is not very keen on cooking and doesn’t really like cooking. When, totally by chance, I discovered this online boutique and what it proposes, I immediately decide to try. Seduced by what have been delivered to me, I went on ordering regularly. About three month ago, I received a phone call that informed me I will participate in a sweepstake organized by the site. One week after, I was told I won a LCD TV post. I was really happy as I wanted to replace my old TV but could not afford it.


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