Delices d'Annie

a great place to buy French gourmet products

Interview with Luke, one of the many winners of Delices d’Annie’s contests

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Delices d’Annie: Congratulations! Can you give us your impressions on hearing that you won?

Luke: You know, I mindlessly participated in this competition without waiting for anything. When receiving a letter I learned that I got a laptop, I was pleasantly surprised, especially since I was planning precisely to the time to buy one! Like it is often said chance would have it, and Delices d’Annie also (smile). I am a loyal customer of this shop since I discovered it, but I never have thought that I could receive a gift for enjoying its good food!

Delices d’Annie: Tell us why Delices d’Annie?

foie grasLuke: I confess that I came across your shop by chance. One day I invited to dinner a few friends who were returning home after some years abroad. I wanted to serve them local dishes. I was looking for foie gras on the Internet and I came across Delices d’Annie. I had gone to buy foie gras, but finally I found in your catalog all what I needed for the meal.

So I ordered the Gourmet Quail and deli selections that Delices d’Annie suggests as an aperitif. For the toast, I opted for your onions cheddar wafers to change the classic bread. It was the touch of originality to the meal. For the main course, I took your duck liver block to concoct my foie gras mille-feuille which was a great success.

I can say that this dinner was a success. Thanks to you, I could impress my friends; they had a great time, and however I also discovered a new culinary ally. Dishes to soups through small appetizers, I became a huge fan tartifletteof your products.

Delices d’Annie: So what is your heart stroke?

Luke: Without hesitation tartiflette which not only reminds me of the wonderful holiday of my youth but also transports me every time in the mountains of Savoy, like magic. It is a real delight.

Delices d’Annie: The word of the end?

I want to thank Delices d’Annie for the computer, but also and especially to allow us to discover and rediscover authentic flavors


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