Delices d'Annie

a great place to buy French gourmet products

Franck expressed his joy for having received a check for € 2000 from Les Délices d’Annie

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Les Delices d’Annie: Franck, what do you think about the shop Les Delices d’Annie?

Franck: Hearing the name Les Delices d’Annie makes me immediately think of the delicacies cooked according to original local recipes displayed in its catalog. That was the first time ever that I could find all the good things I love to fill my greedy desires, to name a delicacy duck foie gras with morel mushrooms, tripe Caen style and braised ham with lentils. But what really makes me happy is being able to quietly taste all these dishes without having to leave my home.

DDA: Is there any product you particularly like?

BaeckeoffeFranck: Being from Strasbourg, I do appreciate the Alsatian specialties offered by Les Delices d’Annie, but I have to say that I have a weakness for Baeckeoffe. Made following the traditional recipe, this long-simmered dish in Riesling brings back good memories of my childhood. Indeed, its authentic flavor subtly combines the tastes of duck, pork and pickled vegetables, quite the same as the Baeckeoffe my mother used to lovingly prepare. Served with a fruity red wine, this cooked dish of Les Delices d’Annie is a pure delight.

DDA: Can you talk now about your win?

Franck: This gift really made me a happy man… When I got the phone call telling me that I won a check worth € 2,000 at the last contest organized by Les Delices d’Annie, I was so touched that I had tears in my eyes. And when I had it in my hands, I remained speechless for a while.
With this money, I could afford an unforgettable Caribbean holiday. I dreamed of this trip for years, but I could never go, for lack of means.
So, I warmly thank Les Delices d’Annie for allowing me to fulfill my lifelong dream. Thank to this store, I could also enjoy fine food without emptying my wallet.


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