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Three regular customers of the shop Les Delices d’Annie got a laptop

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The store Les Delices d’Annie offers local products and prepared cooked dish using traditional and innovative recipes. Regularly organizing prize draws to retain and reward customers, this website gave a smile to 3 of its fans.

Luc: “Les Delices d’Annie gave me a laptop”

I enjoy good cheer, but unfortunately I am not enough good cook, so I am always looking for great places offering local products. A friend of mine once advised me to visit Les Delices d’Annie ‘s online store and consult its catalog. This is where I found all my favorite food: cassoulet with duck confit and mussels with garlic.

Turning to a loyal customer of this store, I was invited to participate in the 2012 draw. I got lucky and I won a laptop. Since then I could familiarize with new technologies and communicate more often with my family and friends.

Robert: “I thank Les Delices d’Annie for this wonderful gift”

Winning a laptop was one of the nicest surprises of the past 10 years. As I regularly order meals from Les Delices d’Annie, I had the privilege to participate to its draw. To be honest, I wished I won the grand prize, but luck decided otherwise, and I am happy anyway.

I want to thank Les Delices d’Annie for this award, but also for the quality of its products, especially the pure pork dry sausage, the traditions rillettes, and the royal paella with chicken and seafood.

Catherine: “A big thank you to Les Delices d’Annie store for this laptop”

For me, good food is always linked to local products. That’s why I became one of Les Delices d’Annie’s top customers. This store made me taste again the authentic flavors of traditional cuisine, and in addition to that, it allowed me to win me a wonderful gift: a laptop. Again, thank you to Les Delices d’Annie’s entire team.


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