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Madeira sauce by Delices d’Annie

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To accompany meat and poultry dishes, Madeira sauce is a true delight. In addition, it is very easy to prepare.

History of Madeira sauce

sauce madère

Madeira sauce was served for the first time at a banquet by Prince Albert of Belgium, in 1903. It was served with York ham. Since then, this sauce remains very successful and perfectly accompanies various meat dishes: kidney, beef tongue, steak, beef fillet, game, etc. From the 50s, it became a must at wedding meals.

The basic ingredients of Madeira sauce

The traditional recipe of Madeira sauce requires shallots, mushrooms, butter, broth, a bouquet garni and herbs (parsley, chives, chervil, tarragon or according to your taste), and of course, salt, pepper and Madeira. Other variants of this sauce are prepared with vegetables (carrot, for example) or port. Some add garlic, and optionally flour to thicken.

The preparation of the Madeira sauce of Delices d’Annie

It only takes few minutes to prepare Madeira sauce. The first step is to sweat the shallots, mushrooms (and carrot if required), all previously chopped in butter. Then add the Madeira and let reduce.

Then pour the broth and add the bouquet garni and herbs. Continue cooking on low heat until you come to a nice consistency. Season the sauce to your taste. Finally, add a knob of butter. Your Madeira sauce is now ready. Serve it hot.

Dishes with Madeira sauce to order on Delices d’Annie website


Beef tongue, poultry delight… all seasoned with Madeira sauce. On  Delices d’Annie, you can find a wide selection of prepared dishes with this delicious sauce. All are cooked following traditional recipes with high quality ingredients.


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