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Léon shares his joy of winning a cell phone offered by Delices d’Annie

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Delices d’Annie: Léon, you are a true fan of Delices d’Annie, can you summarize your story with this store?

tender hamLéon: Yes, I’m indeed one of Delices d’Annie‘s most loyal customers for several years. I discovered his website by chance while browsing the internet. Being a fan of local food, I was immediately interested in its offer. I still remember my first order, which consisted of tender ham and Basque-style chicken. Totally satisfied with the quality of food, I submitted more orders and that’s how I became an ardent supporter of this shop.

Delices d’Annie: Which meal did delight your taste buds the most?

Léon: So far, the cassoulet with duck confit is my favorite dish. Accompanied with rice, this specialty of Castelnaudary is a real treat. All my family and close friends have had the chance to taste this cooked dish and just like me, they all asked for more. So every time I receive guests at home, I always include this delicious cassoulet on the menu. Besides, it makes my life easier because Delices d’Annie delivers all my orders at home very quickly.

Delices d’Annie: Will you tell us about your gift?

Léon: Yes, Delices d’Annie saved me a state-of-the-art cell phone. I have to admit I am not very familiar with new technology, but this gift really makes me happy. When I was told on the phone that I was one of the lucky winners, I was so moved that I did not know what to say to the person on the other end of the line.

With the help of my grandchildren, I gradually discovered the features of my new phone and it’s really impressive.

I take this interview to express my gratitude to the team of Delices d’Annie. Thank you for allowing us to rediscover the flavors of traditional dishes and especially thank you for this great gift.


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