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Fish soup by Delices d’Annie

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The traditional fish soup is a Provencal specialty prepared with rock fish such as wrasse, mullet, bream, salemas and scorpion fish.



Initially, the Provencal fish soup was the main meal of the fishermen families living on the Mediterranean coasts. Indeed, they take the fishes hanging in their nets that are too small to sell. Nowadays, many fishmongers offer rock soup, for the delight of lovers of traditional cuisine.

Ingredients for the preparation of fish soup of Delices d’Annie

Following the original recipe, in addition to rock fish, you can add some small green crabs and eel head to enhance the taste of the soup. You also need onions, garlic, tomatoes, olive oil, and a dose of saffron, a few bay leaves and a fennel stick.

Preparation by Delices d’Annie

soupe-poissonTo prepare this dish of Delices d’Annie, take a casserole and slowly cook onions, garlic and fish thoroughly cleaned with olive oil. Then add the tomatoes, herbs and water and simmer until fishes are perfectly cooked. After that, put the mixture in the food-mill to extract juice. As the final step, just add the saffron, season to taste and bring the soup to a boil before serving. Some people add white wine to enhance the flavor.


In general, the traditional fish soup is served with rust (a sauce made with two egg yolks and a few garlic cloves, which is beaten like a mayonnaise with olive oil), croutons rubbed with garlic and grated gruyere. If you do not have time to cook, Delices d’Annie can deliver you a tasty fish soup with authentic taste. Prepared following the traditional recipe with carefully selected ingredients, this cooked dish that is simply a delight.


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