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Learn about the Paella with Delices d’Annie

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The Paella is surely the most famous culinary specialty. It is prepared with a specific variety of round rice. Nowadays, restaurants and chefs offer many versions of the paella. Delices d’Annie invites you to find out more about this delicious dish perfumed with saffron.


The origins of the paella

History tells that the paella was created in the Province of Valencia by the 18th century. Its name apparently came from the pan in which it is prepared; in fact, “paella” means “pan” in Catalan. Garcia Montero, a blacksmith for Alaquàs village, was the first who sold the paella pan, in 1920.

After the Spanish civil war, General Franco declared that the paella was the national Spanish dish, especially for promoting tourism. In fact, rice was cheap and vegetables could be found easily. Moreover, the yellow saffron and the red pepper remind the Spanish flag.

The different versions of the Paella by Delices d’Annie


The basic ingredients of the Paella are rice, saffron, tomato and red pepper. According to the versions, white meat as chicken, fish or rabbit meat or seafood as shrimps, gambas, and squid can be added to it. Meat can be replaced by vegetables (beans, onions, artichoke, etc.) for vegetarian Paella. Round rice are sometime replaced with black rice or crispy race.

Nevertheless, Paella Valenciana only refers to the recipes that only use the traditional ingredients, traditional ingredients that can change according to each part of the province.

Delices d’Annie and Delices & Gourmandises propose a delicious Paellas and wine

The Paella royale of Delices d’Annie is a delicious dish that you can share with your family and friends for mealtimes. You can serve it cold or just put it in the oven to heat it if you want to eat it hot. You can also accompany the Paella Royale with a Fleurs de Guarrigue wine that you can choose in Delices and Gourmandises catalog.


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