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Sausages, delicouis delicatessen proposed Delices d’Annie

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Raw, cooked or smoked, sausages are easy to prepare and easy to include in a dish. They are proposed in several varieties in Delices d’Annie catalog including cocktail sausages, Toulouse sausages…

Delices d’Annie briefly presents the story of the French sausage

saucisse DA

The word “sausage” came from the latin word “salsus” that mean “salted”. The sausages have been created 4000 years ago, probably to facilitate the carriage of the meat. Roman legion used the method for its armies. In middle-age, oriental spices and herbs have been added. The use of starch began during World War II to face meat shortage.

Sausages are made of minced meat, essentially pork, and according to the region, several varieties of spices and herbs are added to the mince. Beef meat, mutton, duck and turkey meats are also used. The stuffing is used to fill a piece of animal intestine (beef, pork or sheep). We can nowadays find artificial casing.

Sausages by Delices d’Annie

Delices d’Annie proposes in its catalog many varieties of sausages that you can choose according to the dish you want to prepare.

saucisse-de-morteauDAThe Lyon sausage that contains truffle is served hot, in a sweet bun in its region of origin. The Toulouse sausages are one of the most French sausages, prepared in many traditional dishes as the cassoulet or the choucroute. When grilled, it is also delicious. Another sausage to grill is the chipolata, thinner and known as merguez when made of lamb and beef meat with cumin, coriander and hot pepper.

The sausage of Morteau is known to be the queen of sausages. Smoked with juniper wood, it can be served with cheese, cabbage or red beans and lentils. The Frankfurt sausage is recognizable by its yellow-orange colour. This slightly smoked one is used for making hot-dogs. Delices d’Annie also offers cocktail sausages smoked with beech wood.


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