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Discover the Emmental cheese with Delices d’Annie

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emmental-cheeseThe Emmental cheese is originally from the Emme valley in Switzerland. Made with cow milk, it is recognizable with its smoothness, its color that reminds the yellow of the straw, and over all its eyes (its typical big holes). Délices d’Annie includes this delicious cheese in some of its products.

The Emmental was created in Switzerland in the 15th century but this pressed and cooked paste cheese was only product in France in the 19 century. Nowadays, several European countries make their own Emmental industrially as Germany, Netherlands, Finland and Denmark.

Making of the Emmental with Delices d’Annie

Emmental needs high quality raw milk. For an 80kg wheel, 1000l of milk is needed. After the racking, the curd is strongly pressed for about 5 hours until it became a homogeny past. This paste is then immersed into brine for 48 hours for making the white cheese.

Ripening of the Emmental

The ripening of this cheese last between 7 and 12 weeks, it’s one of the longest duration of cheese ripening. It is processed in 2 steps: a stay in a cold cellar (between 10°C and 15°C) and a stay in hot cellar (between 21°C and 25°C). During this time, the riper have to survey the maturation of the paste and the wheels are regularly turned upside down. He also has to look after the creation of the “eyes” and the appearance of the fruity aromas of this cheese. For that, he has to taste it regularly. Once ready, the Emmental is kept in a cool and dry place to pursue its ripening.

Delices D’Annie : How to taste the Emmental?

sandwich emmantal

Emmental can be consumed naturally or in sandwiches, but it can also be used in some culinary preparations, especially for gratins.

If you want some products made with Emmental cheese for tea time or for your cocktails, les Delices d’Annie proposes some varieties of salty snacks with Emmental, mini cakes with Emmental, ham and green


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