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The table olives explained by Delices d’Annie

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The olive is the fruit of the olive tree. Green or black, the olive is recognizable by its oval form and its smooth skin. This fruit is an important part of the Mediterranean culture since Antiquity. This little fleshed fruit has a high fat level and has been used for ages to make oil. Nevertheless, it is also known to accompany wine and cocktails. You can buy some on Delices d’Annie website.


The processing of the olives of Delices d’Annie

After the harvest, the olives cannot be directly eaten as they taste bitter. The fruits are dipped into salted cold water for about 45 days. Cooking salt is used and the water is replaced daily for the 15 first days, then every 2 days. After one month and a half, the bitterness is gone and the olives can be put in jars to be kept.

Delices d’Annie: How to keep your olives?

olives bocauxThe method used is the same for black and green olives. It is very important to clean and sterilize the jars before use.

The olives must be rinsed and wiped with a dry and clean cloth before they are carefully put in the jars. You can put brine or olive oil mixed with aromatic herbs, pepper or coriander seeds. The fruits must be totally covered with the liquid which also must entirely fill the jar. Let the olives macerate during 2 months in a fresh and protected from the light place.

Some prefers to stone the olives and stuff them before putting them in brine. An upturned funnel facilitates the operation as you just have to put the olives on the neck of the bottle and turn the funnel upside down. The stuffing can be made of feta cheese, soft pepper, almond, garlic or anchovies with cream.

If you want olives for a special occasion, place your order at Delices d’Annie. This site proposes delicious olives stuffed with sweet pepper and anchovies with cream.


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