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The vinaigrette, find out more about this seasoning with Delices d’Annie

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vinaigretteThe vinaigrette is one of the easy to make seasoning that is used to accompany salads. Delices d’Annie presents you briefly the story and the use of the vinaigrette

A brief story of the vinaigrette by Delices d’Annie

The vinaigrette was a typical French seasoning that was really appreciated in many European countries in the 18th century. Its name was associated to the French knight of Albignac who proposed his chef talents to Londoner aristocrats. He was barely seen without his “seasoning equipment” which contains many varieties of oils, vinegars, spices, aromatic herbs and truffles. He prepared his salads that he seasoned with his “French dressing” in presence of the hosts and the guests and presented them in beautiful salad bowl.

Basic ingredients for great vinaigrette

The first vinegar was too sharp that it must be softened to be used as a seasoning so salt and oil were added to it. From that came the word “vinaigrette”, the suffix -ette is used in French to indicate diminution.

Basically, the vinaigrette is made with vinegar, oil and salt but other ingredients as mustard, shallots, pepper, aromatic herbs can be added to the mix. Everyone can so make its own recipe according to the dish they want to prepare.

The vinaigrette taste will also vary according to the vinegar chosen to make it. Cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar, sherry vinegar, wine vinegar or spirit vinegar can so be used. The oil can also be soya oil, sunflower oil, canola oil or olive oil, etc.

Delices d’Annie: How to use he vinaigrette?


The vinaigrette is perfect to accompany salad, but also steamed white meats. But Delices d’Annie offers you another dish that contains a special vinaigrette made of spirit vinegar, mustard, parsley and thinly minced hard-boiled eggs: the “tête de veau à la vinaigrette”.


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