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Learn about the couscous with Delices d’Annie

The couscous is a typical berber dish. It is generally made of durum wheat semolina mixed with vegetables and meats or seafood and other ingredients that can differ from a country to another. The couscous is nowadays one symbol of Arabic, Jewish and Mediterranean gastronomy. Delices d’Annie presents the couscous in all its facets.


The couscous a thousand-year dish from Maghreb

Originally from Maghreb countries, the couscous is called “Seksu” in Morrocco, “Ta’aam” in Algeria and Libya and “na’ma” in the east Algeria. Some utensils from the 6th century that probably have been used to make and cook couscous have been found during archaeological excavations in North Africa.

The dish became “international” from the 11th century, thanks to arab-muslim expansion. It probably arrived in the Iberian Peninsula in the 13th century and was quickly adopted by Portuguese and Spanish. The couscous was declared the 3rd preferred dish of French. It is served in many occasions in France.

The different versions of couscous presented by Delices d’Annie

Couscous_PouletThe basic preparation of the couscous consists in cooking the semolina in a steamer with melted butter or olive oil, and salt. According to the recipe, peas, chickpeas, dates and raisins are added. Some people also use vegetables as zucchinis, carrots, onions, pepper, turnips and peppers that are coarsely cut.

The couscous is traditionally made with only one sort of meat (mutton or lamb, chicken, beef, and no pork). In fact, it is the broth that gives the couscous its flavor when it is steamed. But many chef that have made new versions of it added another type of meat, as the royal couscous served in Parisian restaurants that is prepared with merguez sausages and meatballs. Some also used to serve it with seafood.

If you want to try one of these famous dishes, try the chicken and couscous of Delices d’Annie.


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Delices d’Annie : The black pepper, one of the most used spice in the world

The black pepper comes from India and is cultivated in tropical areas (Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Tasmania, and Madagascar). The black pepper is the entire fruit picked up before its maturity. It is dried under the sun until its envelope turns black, that’s why it is called “black pepper”, and gets quite wrinkled. Delices d’Annie presents you this well known spice.

poivre noir

Discover the different varieties of black pepper with Delices and d’Annie

There are many varieties of black pepper that are used by food specialists and gourmets. Among the most popular we can mention here:

  • The Sarawak pepper, known for its refined aroma and its fresh note, that is cultivated in Borneo Island in Malaysia;
  • The Voatsiperifery from Madagascar, very rich in essence;
  • The Lampung pepper from Sumatra which has a strong aroma with an acid note;
  • The Cubebe pepper, a very fresh pepper, from Indonesia which is also called queued pepper because of its little appendix;
  • The Tellichery pepper form India which has a very soft aroma and a strong taste;
  • The Tasmanian pepper;
  • The long pepper from Himalaya which is appreciated for its spicy and slightly sweet taste.

How is it used in cooking?

Hot and spicy, with a delicious aroma, the crushed pepper is used to enhance the taste of meats, fish, vegetables, etc. It is generally added at the end of the cooking as it loses its flavor when it is cooked for a long time. In fact the heat destroys most of its taste.

How to keep the black pepper?

poivre en bocauIt is recommended to buy well dried peppercorns. It is better to keep them in a dry jar and store it in a dry and clean place and away from light for keeping all the pepper taste and flavor. If you do not want to use it whole, grind it in the dish just about 10 or 5 minutes before taking it off the heat.

If you are a pepper fan, find many dishes and preparations flavored with black pepper in Delices d’Annie catalog.