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The onion, a multi-purpose vegetable

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onions-delices-dannieBulbs from the onion have been used as a food source for millennia. This very versatile vegetable, originally from Asia, could be used in a number of ways. It could be baked, boiled, grilled, fried, or eaten raw. Onions could be chopped as well and used as an ingredient in various dishes. It is also a very common ingredient used by Delices D’Annie in some of its savory dishes recipes.

A vegetable used for millennia

The onion plant has been grown and used as a food source for at least 5000 years. It is believed that people from Mesopotamia were one of the first who cultivated and bred it for consumption. They also used it as seasoning and food ingredient back then. Its fame rapidly reached Egypt, Greece, and the Roman Empire. It is well known, as evidence shows, that Egyptians used onions at some of their burials.

Despite its eye irritating property due to the onion lacrimatory factor, its spicy and pungent taste, and its unpleasant smell when consumed raw, onions are widely used as an ingredient in various cuisine and recipes around the world. They are also available in several varieties: red, white, and shallot.

onion-for-weight-loss-delices-dannieFurthermore, onions have been valued for their medicinal qualities by many cultures around the world. Numerous compounds contained in onion bulbs are believed to have positive effects on human health. The essential oil in onions is an antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial, and anticoagulant. When consumed raw, onions can help ward off colds and relieve coughs.

How to use onions in cuisines?


Onions are harvested once their leaves are dry and can be used as condiments to season or to enhance the flavors of a meal. They are perfect accompaniment to vegetable based recipes, meat, seafood, and salads. They are also often used to prepare soups and other more specific dishes like quiche. Nevertheless, onions can be harvested when the plant is mature and their leaves still green. In that case we are talking about green and young onions. You will easily find onion based recipes at Delices d’Annie through its online catalogue.


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