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Cheddar cheese to be discovered or rediscovered with Delices d’Annie

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Cheddar is one of the most consumed cheeses in the world, especially in English-speaking countries. Delices d’Annie includes this cheese in many of its recipes.

Cheddar, cheese characterized by its making process


Cheddar cheese is a hard cheese with a compact firm and smooth flesh and a color that varies from white to yellow. It was created in England in the English village of Cheddar in Somerset. Several countries are major producers and consumers of cheddar including: Ireland, Canada, USA, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, but also Sweden.

It was originally made from cow’s milk. However, one can also find cheddar cheese from sheep or buffalo’s milk. The cheddarisation is a critical step in the making process of cheddar. It consists of acidifying the curd prior to grinding, salting and pressing. The prepared curd is then refined. According to the maturing period, which can range from 3 months to 2 years, you will get mild, medium, high or extra strong cheddar.

A flavor that beautifully marries with all kinds of cheese recipes

tarte-poireaux-cheddar-et-baconCheddar is distinguished by a nutty flavor that will be more or less pronounced depending on the maturity of the cheese. The cheddar rind is natural, linen or paraffin-embedded, but a wide variety of cheese is also sold without crust and presented in plastic cling film.

This cheese can also be enjoy plain or accompanied by a salad or in a sandwich. Its characteristic taste makes it an ingredient that goes well with all kinds of savory culinary preparations: pies, various sauces, biscuits or cheese sticks, etc. Among other preparations, you will find in the catalog of Delices d’Annie exquisite wafers with onion and cheddar that will perfectly accompany an aperitif.


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